Accidents At WorkIrish law dictates that all employees have the right to work in a safe environment, in which all reasonable measure have been taken by their employers to prevent injuries or harm in the workplace. This includes all forms of threat, or assault by other employees or members of the public. However, many people are injured during the course of their work, and this can often result in legal proceedings against the employer.

Of course, for individuals who work in high risk environments, such as on construction sites, or those who work in the public sector, such as nurses and firefighters, there will occasionally be instances which result in injuries through no fault of the employer. Compensation claims may be made if an employer has failed to protect the employee from harm, or has not provided a safe environment in which to work.

What To Do If You Are Threatened Or Attacked At Work:

1. Report it to your employer. Your employer can only reasonably be expected to protect you from threats or harm of which they are aware. The first step in any case of this nature should be to alert your line manager – or his or her superior if it is your line manager against whom you are making the complaint. As soon as your employer is informed, they must take measures to protect you at work.

2. Record the details. In order to follow legal proceedings, including claiming compensation, you will need to have all the details of your case recorded. You should keep notes about all the incidents that have occurred, and any meetings you have had with your employer where these issues have been discussed.

3. Seek expert help. If you have been injured in an attack at work, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible. You may also wish to consider specialist help if you have suffered emotional trauma as a result of threats made. You should also seek legal advice from a personal injury solicitor, who will help you to take your case further if this is appropriate.

Taking action against another employee, a member of the public or your employer themselves may be an overwhelming prospect. You should remember, however, that reporting an incident such as an attack or threatening behaviour may help to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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