Writing a Will is a very important way to ensure that your wishes are respected in the event of your death, and that your property is distributed as you intend. However, if your circumstances have changed or if you are no longer sure where your Will is held, you should consider making a new Will as soon as possible.

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Here at Irwin, Kilculllen & Co Solicitors, it is our priority to protect the interests of our clients, and ensuring that they have an up to date Will is an essential way to do this. To avoid situations such as family tensions, challenges to a Will or no Will being found (which will result in the complex rules of intestacy being applied), it is vital to keep your Will updated and stored safely, preferably with your solicitor.

Ensure Your Will Is Up To Date

You should update your Will whenever your personal circumstances change, and this includes situations such as the following:

1. Changes to your assets. If you buy a house or inherit a large sum, you will need to ensure that your Will is amended to take this into account. If you have particular items that you wish to bequeath to family members or friends, you should ensure that this is made clear within your Will and it is a good idea to inform family and friends of this so that disputes do not arise.

2. Relationship changes. If you separate or get divorced from your partner, or if you get married or remarried, you will need to update your Will as soon as possible. Wills that are not updated often result in property being inherited by ex-partners, and a marriage will automatically invalidate a Will, which could leave family members unprotected.

3. Having children. One of the main purposes of having a Will is to assign guardians who will care for your children in the event of your death. You will need to give this a great deal of thought, and it is a good idea to check that the provision you have made is still adequate when you have further children. You will also need to ensure that your Will reflects your wishes about who will inherit your property, and this can be complicated if you have children from previous marriages, for example. Talk to an experienced solicitor to make sure that your Will is not likely to become a source of disputes in the future.

4. If someone dies. If a beneficiary, guardian or executor named in your Will dies, you may need to re-write your Will and re-consider how your assets will be distributed. Finding the right people to fulfill the roles of guardian and executor can be very difficult, so it is essential to take the time to get these decisions right.

Talk To Wills And Probate Solicitors in Cork

Whether you have written a Will that needs updating, or need to make a Will for the first time, you should make an appointment to talk to a specialist solicitor about this.

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