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A will is the document that is used to enable your solicitor and loved ones to follow your wishes after your death, particularly with regard to the care of your children and the division of your property. A living will, however, is written to cater for circumstances in which you are still alive but are unable to manage your own decision-making.

Here at Irwin, Kilcullen & Co Solicitors, we specialize in probate and wills, and we can help you to ensure that your wishes are respected at every stage. If you require care or treatment as you age, or if you become incapable of managing your affairs for yourself, you can rest assured that a living will can facilitate the care and outcomes that you would wish for yourself.

3 Things You Need To Know About Living Wills

Making a living will means that you can plan ahead for all eventualities, so that you do not need to worry about these arrangements when life becomes more stressful. You should consider:

1.    Healthcare implications. If you should become ill or infirm and unable to make decisions about the healthcare your receive, a living will gives you the opportunity to express your wishes in advance. If you are opposed, for example, to being giving medications that will prolong your life but offer no hope of relief from illness or pain, you can state this explicitly in a living will.

2.    Financial decision making. Decisions about your financial wellbeing can become overwhelming if you develop a condition such as dementia, and you may find yourself unable to rely on your ability to discern best outcomes. Appointing a loved one who has power of attorney over your affairs can alleviate the financial responsibility and ensure that your best interests are represented.

3.    Appointing trusted advisors. Whether you are worried about your wishes being respected if you have a terminal illness, or you are concerned with burdening your family at a stressful time, it can be reassuring to know that you have appointed someone you trust to make decisions about your care, income and living arrangements.

A living will can be revoked at any stage if you change your mind or decide that you wish to make alterations to it, but it is a very useful document to have in place. As with any legal undertaking, you should ensure that you take advice from an experienced solicitor to make sure that the document is binding and is representative of your wishes.

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