If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation even if you did not claim immediately after the accident happened. The claim process may be more complicated, and it may take longer to process if you did not seek medical advice immediately, but it is still possible to make a personal injury claim.

Here at Irwin, Kilcullen & Co Solicitors, we support clients throughout the claiming process, and we will work for the best outcomes for you regardless of when you sought medical help. We understand that it isn’t always possible to see your doctor straight after a car accident, especially if you have suffered emotional trauma, and we will discuss your case and the likely outcomes for you.

How To Make A Personal Injury Claim

  1. Seek medical advice. It is, of course, advisable to see your doctor as soon as possible after a car accident happens. This is so that there is a written record of your injuries in case it is needed for a compensation claim in the future. However, if you did not do this, you can still see a medical professional at a later date to establish how your injuries or ongoing problems are connected to your accident. Your medical records will usually form an important part of your claim.
  2. Collate your records. You should ensure that you have all of the relevant information to give to your solicitor so that he or she can work on your behalf. Relevant documentation includes reports of where and when the accident occurred, what happened and who was at fault. If you were able to take photographs or make notes at the scene, these will be very important to your claim.
  3. Talk to your solicitor. If you have been in an accident for which someone else was to blame, you have the right to make a personal injury claim for compensation. A solicitor who is experienced in this area can help you to prepare your case and discuss the potential outcomes of your claim with you.
  4. Consider any settlements offered. If a settlement is offered, it is a good idea to talk this over with your solicitor before accepting. In many cases, a sum is offered in order to prevent the case from going to court because the defendant and his or her solicitors believe that they will be required to pay out a great deal more if the claim is successful. However, in some cases, a settlement may be fair, or may be considered worthwhile if it ends the stress that the claimant has been living with.

Talk To Experienced Personal Injury Solicitors in Cork

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