Personal Injury Solicitors Cork CityImagine you are walking in public place such as a footpath, a car park or a shopping centre and you suddenly slip and fall.

You have been blissfully minding your own business and doing your thing and, all of a sudden, you are in a heap on the ground and you are so embarrassed that you only want to get away and hide your clumsiness.

True you might have hurt your knee, fractured your wrist or broken your tooth but you will put up with the pain just to get out of this awkward and embarrassing situation. You don’t want all these nice people fussing about you. Just get me home and get me out of this awful position – it is all my fault.

Hold on a second, is it really your fault?

What did you trip over? Was there something on the ground that you tripped over? Has someone left something out in the middle of the footway for you to stumble over? Is there a missing or a broken flagstone? Is there a protruding lip or some other kind of obstruction that made you fall?

Is somebody else responsible for your accident?

There is an obligation to keep public places clear and suitable for use. If there are obstacles or trip hazards in your way then maybe you are not at fault at all.

You should talk to your solicitor as soon as possible. This is important because there could be somebody out fixing what you tripped over and making the evidence disappear.

Your solicitor will establish if you have a claim and if there is a chance you could get your medical bills paid and maybe get some compensation.

Remember, if this happens to you, check to make sure that you have not been the victim of somebody else’s carelessness. Take photographs and if possible get the name of any witnesses.

Then make the call to your solicitor and don’t be a victim twice over.

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