Richard Irwin

Richard IrwinRichard Irwin is a an experienced and effective solicitor with an established reputation in Property Law, Personal Injuries, Wills and Administration of Estates. In the normal course of his work he deals with buying, selling and mortgaging of houses and flats as well as commercial properties. Richard also has a long track record in dealing with the problems you can occasionally expect to find in property law including buying freeholds, fixing lost title documents, dealing with trespassers,  squatters rights, boundary disputes and contract disputes.


A well-drafted will helps you plan for the future and gives you great peace of mind. Richard’s emphasis is to give you clear advice to make sure that your assets go to the people you want to receive them while advising you how to minimise the amount of tax payable .

This is also given him experience in respect of the elderly, infirm and, in some cases intellectually challenged clients, about care decisions, trusts, dealing with the Fair Deal scheme and Nursing Homes and the HSE.

Enduring Powers of Attorney and Wards of Court applications are often necessary and are frequent part of his work.

Administration of estates.

When there is been a death in the family Richard is highly experienced in guiding his clients in a sensitive and clear way through the difficult process of preparing a statement of assets and liabilities for the revenue commissioners and obtaining the paperwork necessary to distribute the estate among the beneficiaries.

Personal Injuries/Accidents

Richard Irwin has run all kinds of personal injuries cases up to the highest courts in the country. He takes care to obtain a detailed insight of his client’s personal injuries paying  particular attention to the details, not just of the physical injuries but also also loss of earnings and the emotional side of the injury as well as its impact on the, family and in the Les archaeology workplace.


Richard is a registered a qualified mediator with the Irish mediation Institute IMI

International law

Richard has been a delegate and an officer on the international Alliance of practising lawyers. It is based in Switzerland and has global reach to all continents

Outside the law

Richard’s chief passion is all things historical and archaeological. His primary degree is in History and archaeology and he has worked on and directed excavations in past years before becoming a lawyer. He is still very much in contact with the archaeological world.

He is a keen black belt karate practitioner and has represented his country internationally. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Cork, one of the oldest in the world, and is a former president.

He is also involved in local community matters and is a trustee of the South parish community Association is generally active in the community on behalf of residents in Cork city centre.

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