Whiplash Compensation & Neck Injury Claims

Whiplash Solicitors Cork CityThis is one of the most common and most troublesome types of injury.

It typically happens to someone sitting in a vehicle which is struck from behind by another vehicle. The sudden forward and backward motion of the head and neck strains the soft tissues in the neck and shoulders and occasionally causes bony damage.

This is a very complex area of the body and the symptoms can be painful and long-lasting and troublesome to clear up.

Treatment for Whiplash & Neck Injuries

These injuries typically involve a visit to the doctor, Prescription and over the counter medication, numerous visits to the physiotherapist and occasionally specialist advice.

Exercise and physiotherapy regimes may also be necessary. Occasionally people need to be bandaged or to make special sleeping arrangements. Recovery time varies hugely depending on the severity of the impact.

Symptoms of Whiplash & Neck Injuries

Typically our clients have suffered from long-term pain in the general area of the neck and shoulders with headaches of varying intensity and occasionally symptoms in their arms, hands and fingers. These are all indicators as to the severity of the injury.


Clients frequently suffer from loss of sleep and loss of ability to carry on their normal work. Similarly there are restricted in their ability to carry on the normal day-to-day routine at home and at leisure Their social life and hobbies can also be disrupted for a considerable time.


This kind of injury is frequently lampooned in the press as being exaggerated and overcompensated. It is, however, our experience is that this is a painful and difficult injury which takes time and care to alleviate.

It is particularly important in cases of whiplash and neck injury to be very careful that the correct amount of compensation can be obtained. Claimants should not be stampeded by any offer made by an insurance company or the Injuries Board.

It is very important to have advice from experienced litigator before making a decision about whether to accept such an offer.

If you, or someone you know, thinks they may have suffered this kind of injury you should contact us without delay for the best advice on how to proceed.

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