International Probate Applications

Beneficiaries and creditors from outside the Irish jurisdiction can feel excluded and intimidated by the complicated and long drawn out probate procedure. It sometimes appears that their interests are put at risk of being excluded or ignored.

We have successfully assisted many of our clients in giving them representation the courts and, if necessary, appointing them to administer the deceased estates themselves if necessary in order to protect their interests.

International Probate Applications.

We have regular experience in dealing with applications for probate/administration for international clients with assets in this country. We have made applications on behalf of foreign clients both from common law jurisdictions similar to our own and from other jurisdictions with a completely different legal framework. We have been successful in every case and have gained valuable experience as a result.

Our intervention on behalf of our clients has freed up assets in Ireland for distribution to foreign beneficiaries which might otherwise have been lost.

Litigious Probate Applications

We also act for clients in disputed cases where, for example, there are issues between various beneficiaries as to their entitlements in the estate. We have given clear advice and litigated these matters through the courts to our client advantage.

Occasionally issues might arise between the estate of a deceased person and owners of adjacent properties are arising from contracts entered into by the deceased. An application of this sort puts our clients in a position to deal with the estate and solve the outstanding issues.

Creditors Probate Applications

We also act for creditors who are owed money by deceased debtors. If it proves difficult to be paid by the estate we have made applications in the past to have the creditors themselves appointed as administrators of the estate for the purposes of paying their bills.

We act to protect our client interests and preserve their chances of payment during the long and complicated process of probate/administration and this kind of case.

How can Irwin, Kilcullen & Co Solicitors assist with this?

Our team specialise in the administration of estates with an overseas element – it is what we have been doing for decades and, as such, we have a wealth of expertise and contacts.

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