Head, Brain & Spinal Injuries

These are among the most serious injuries we have to deal with. Quite often the full extent of the injuries does not become available for weeks or even months after the accident. Time will have to be given to allow the symptoms to settle.

Sometimes the sufferer can be unaware of the seriousness of the injury and great care has to be taken. Occasionally someone else will have to be appointed to act as the next friend representative of the victim for proceedings if they are unable to look after this themselves.

Neurological support and reporting is necessary at every stage.

An injury like this may impact not alone on someone’s personal life and finances but it can have a devastating effect on their family and affect their ability to generate income in the future.

Rehabilitation both physical and mental is an important part of any recovery process. Physical rehabilitation and the psychological effects, including post-traumatic shock disorder, must be taken into account.

Treatment for injuries like this can be hugely expensive and it is very important of this expense can be recovered. Careful records need to be kept of all expenses.

With that said the brain is a remarkable organ and has the ability, particularly in the young, to adjust to its injuries and take over different functions.

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