Cycling Accidents

Cyclists are being knocked down with alarming frequency. Most responsible cyclists wear high vis vests and bright clothing, have lighting on their bikes and wear helmets. Despite this cyclist seem to be invisible to some drivers.

Many are run down from behind, sideswiped caught between turning vehicles and road boundaries. The injuries can be appalling.

It is important, if you are in such an accident, to take photographs and get details from anybody who might have witnessed the accident.

There was an interesting case in England recently where a pedestrian, using their mobile phone, stepped out in front of a cyclist who rang his bell to warn of his presence. There was a collision and the pedestrian sued the cyclist successfully. It was argued that the pedestrian had contributed to the accident by not looking where they are going. The court found cyclist to be partially responsible and he now faces a huge bill.

With that in mind it could be that cycle insurance is on the way. Presently there is none for this kind of injury.

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