Back Injury Claims

Accidents At WorkA back injury is one of the most incapacitating crippling of all injuries. It is regarded by some as a form of joke. It is a very serious matter and is highly underrated.

Without a healthy back you can do none of the things that you would normally expect to do. Every aspect of your life is coloured by pain and awkwardness.

Everything you do from the time you wake up in the morning, getting out of bed, dressing, washing, eating and drinking, driving your car, walking, doing the shopping, working, socialising and, finally, even brushing your teeth and undressing to go to bed is painful and troublesome. To cap it all it can even destroy your sleep.

Your social life, home life, work, relations with the family and friends will all be damaged.You may be physically sick and upset as well as mentally befuddled by painkillers, muscle relaxing drugs and other medication. You may need to take time off work and leisure to attend physiotherapy and have scans, x-rays and other examinations carried out.

Sufferers are constantly tired and in pain. The condition can lead to depression causes terrible strain on marital and family relations.Effective treatment is hard to find and slow to implement. There is not always a full recovery.

Back Injury Compensation

Now don’t you think that this kind of suffering deserves proper compensation if it arises from an accident and was caused by somebody else’s negligence.

This is where the advice and experience of the recognised personal injuries practitioner comes into play. Our experienced staff have been running compensation cases for decades. We have achieved great results for our clients and can do the same for you.

We have a panel of excellent specialist barristers, engineers and other specialists ready for  successful and productive action for you.

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