Will & Probate Solicitors Cork

You want to leave your assets to the people you choose.

You do not want your estate to be gobbled up in taxes!

A carefully thought out Will made by us  is what you need.

We provide  very valuable  advice on how to distribute your assets on death to: –

  • minimise the amount of tax payable to the government
  • make sure your family will obtain the best benefit from your estate
  • be sure your property will go to the people who deserve it!

You may wish to know if you have an entitlement under the well of a family member or friend,we have the advice you need.

We are experienced Will makers and  offer a wide range of advice and experience to suit your needs.

We frequently call to homes and hospitals to advise and make Wills for those unable to travel.

We  process Wills after the testator’s death through the Probate Office and look after the distribution the assets according to the wishes of the person who made the Will.

We also advise where someone has died leaving no will and can give guidance as to entitlements and distribution.

Enduring Powers of Attorney may be needed where it is likely that someone may not be able to manage their own affairs in the future. We  advise and set these up on a regular basis.

If you would like advice about making a Will please contact us using this link.

Your initial consultation will be free of charge.

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