Slips, Trips & Falls

Simple accidents can give rise to serious consequences! Many people presume that a trip or fall was their own fault and are reluctant to pursue a claim. The symptoms can be painful and long-lasting. They can include broken bones and soft tissue, injuries.

The cost of treatment and medication can be high. It is well worthwhile to have a closer look at your case.

Was it really your fault?

We must look at what caused the accident.

  • Why did you trip and fall?
  • What was the condition of the surface? Was it on slippery or rough? Was it level or uneven?
  • Was there mud or some kind other kind of obstacle on the ground?
  • Were you allowed onto a cluttered shop floor?
  • Were you let near near a steep drop or a dangerous fall?
  • Were there carpets or rugs which might cause you to trip and fall?
  • Were there slippery tiles or other surfaces?
  • Were there uneven or broken steps?
  • Was it on a staircase which might not be properly lit or have slippery treads?
  • All of these and more, can contribute to a slip or fall.

Where it happened.

  • Accidents like this can happen on a public footpath or road.
  • Equally they can happen in a public park or on footpaths on places like playgrounds and sports pitches.
  • They can take place in shopping centres or a petrol forecourt.
  • It might be in a hotel, restaurant, cafe or a shop.
  • These kind of accidents can happen in the public part of shopping centres as well as in the shops themselves.
  • Concert venues, nightclubs and pubs can all have an inherent risk of slipping and falling.
  • The same applies to cafes and shops.

The Accident Environment.

  • You must also look at the circumstances of your accident.
  • Did you end up in a large crowd which was badly supervised?
  • Were you allowed onto a cluttered shop floor?
  • Where you left near a dangerous drop or unsafe area?
  • Was there a failure in cleaning systems to prevent you from slipping and falling?
  • Were drunken crowds allowed to create obstructions or cause you to fall?

If you think any of this applies to you should contact us immediately for a review and an opinion on your case. It is worthwhile getting an opinion from an experienced personal injuries litigator. We have the experience and expertise.

Give us a call to discuss your situation and get an opinion.

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