Road Traffic Accidents & Car Crashes

Personal Injury Solicitors Cork CityWe hear all the time about the cost of personal injury pay-outs and the resulting increase in car insurance premiums. We do not agree with this. The majority of cases taken are settled out of court by the insurance companies and we have no data about how much the settlements cost. We suspect that the real answer to high insurance premiums lies elsewhere.

At the same time can feel proud that solicitors are obtaining good results for the clients in road traffic matters. It shows how effective it can be to have an experienced solicitor complaining on your behalf.

We are happy to hear the same complaint because it our business to maximise the amount of compensation we obtain for each of our clients.

Who is to blame?

Most injuries claims are not the fault of the claimant. Typically they arise from one car rear ending another. No matter how small the impact may be the injuries can be quite serious. It is important to have advice as to who to pursue and how to do it. There are time limits for lodging claims and if it is not done on time you may lose your opportunity to claim.

Some accidents are more complex and involve multiple vehicles and raise serious questions about who is fully or partially responsible. These cases need careful attention to follow the right defendants  and make your claim stick. Our clients recover compensation for their injuries, cost of treatment and loss of earnings. These are all matters which we take very seriously.

Uninsured driving.

In some cases driver causing the accident will not have insurance. This is not a bar to pursuing a case. This kind of case can be brought through the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland (MIBI). There are strict conditions attaching to this kind of a claim. This is where your solicitor has the expertise to manage the claim on your behalf.

Occasionally the driver causing cannot be identified because they have absconded or given incorrect details. Even in these circumstances it is possible to pursue them successfully. It is important to move quickly to get the required information and lodge your claim without delay.

Dangerous driving prosecutions.

Accidents can occur as a result of someone driving dangerously, carelessly or recklessly. These can lead to prosecutions in court and result in criminal convictions. These can be very useful in proving caused the accident.

Garda abstracts of these cases, when they have been completed, can be obtained which help with the case – particularly for those or insured for dangerous driving. In more serious cases the prospect of future loss for serious injuries major applications for life and were now full recovery is expected can be obtained.

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