Buying A House: Moving Day And Beyond

Property LendingThere’s nothing quite like sitting back in your new home, surrounded by boxes waiting to be unpacked. You’ve done the hard bit, now you can enjoy making the property your own and adding your unique touch to every room.

It is important, however, to ensure that you have followed the legal process correctly, and that you have not left yourself open to any future problems. A good solicitor will have taken care of all the details for you, and will have kept you updated about any issues that have arisen. You will continue to hear from your solicitor for the next few weeks, finalizing the legalities of your purchase and providing you with confirmation of these.

What Happens Next?

Buying a house is a stressful process, but once you’ve taken care of the legal side of things and got the keys in your hand, you can enjoy the next stage at a more relaxed pace. You should ensure that you do the following:

1.    Check the property thoroughly. You must ensure that every aspect of the property is in the condition you were expecting, and that there are no nasty surprises in store for you. The property should also be entirely empty, unless contents were included in the sale, and if the seller has left their belongings behind, you may be able to have these removed at their cost. Consult your solicitor as soon as possible if this applies.

2.    Check paperwork carefully. As soon as your purchase is complete, your solicitor will finalise the legal proceedings and register the property in your name. You will receive these documents after the purchase, and you must check them carefully to ensure all details are correct. Raise any concerns with your solicitor immediately to avoid problems in the future.

3.    Settle in! You’ve finally arrived in your new home and now you can relax. You’ve probably got lots of DIY plans and home improvement ideas, but it’s often helpful just to live in the house as it is to begin with. This is a great way to find out how the space works for your family and to plan your decorating or renovating more carefully. This is also a good time to meet the new neighbours and explore your new area: have fun!

Can We Help You To Buy A New Home?

Buying a new home can be a complicated and long-winded process. Having an experienced solicitor on side can help to make the process run as smoothly as possible, reducing stress and ensuring that you do not run into financial difficulties.

Talk to us at Irwin, Kilcullen & Co Solicitors, for a free consultation without obligation. We specialize in property law and we pride ourselves on helping our clients to sell and buy property more easily. Simply contact us online or call us today on +021 4270934 to talk to our experienced and helpful team.

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