You’ve found the home of your dreams, had an offer accepted and are ready to proceed and buy the house. Sound simple? It may feel frustrating after many months of searching for the house you want, but the hardest bit is yet to come, as you negotiate legal jargon and make your way through the tricky process of purchasing a new home.

Having a good property solicitor to handle your purchase is absolutely vital in order to avoid problems arising, and you should be able to trust your solicitor to take care of all the difficult details for you. It can help to have an understanding of the process, however, so we’ve outlined a few key factors to explain why it’s essential to have good legal advice on your side.

Why You Need a Good Solicitor to Buy a New Home

•    To walk you through the process. Buying property is a complex and frustrating process that often incurs stress. Having an expert solicitor on hand to talk you through any issues and help you to understand how it all works can be invaluable when you’re buying a new home.

•    To do your property searches. When you buy a property, there are many essential checks that will give you important information about the property and the surrounding area. You’ll find out if your new home is at risk of flooding, or has any environmental concerns, and you’ll be made aware of any planned developments nearby. A good solicitor will handle all of this for you, so you won’t need to worry about a thing.

•    To exchange contracts. There is a lot of legal paperwork involved in buying a property, and your solicitor will be responsible for this. You’ll receive copies of all documents, and you’ll be asked to sign contracts to exchange with the vendors of the property you are buying. You solicitor will keep you informed of all developments, and you will only need to be involved when you are signing documents and making decisions about your purchase.

•    To complete. When you buy a new home, the final stage, completion, is the point at which the funds you have, or are borrowing, are transferred to the vendors and the property becomes yours. This can be a highly stressful process, which usually involves dealing with mortgage lenders and the solicitors of the others parties involved, and you need a solicitor you can trust to push the deal through for you.

•    To register your purchase. Your purchase of a property must be registered with the Land Registry to ensure it is legally binding, and your solicitor will do this when the sale is complete, and send the documents on to you.

Find Property Solicitors in Cork

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