Things To Do After You Buy A House

Buying a house can feel like a huge milestone, and when you finally get the front door keys, you’ll probably want to break out the champagne! However, there are still several things you need to do in order to protect yourself and your property, and our easy guide to moving in will help you to [...]

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New Options For First Time Home Buyers

Have you always wanted to own your own home but worry that your income is not enough to secure an affordable mortgage rate? Hundreds of people across the country find themselves in this position every year, and new schemes being introduced in Ireland may have the potential to change things for them and for you. [...]

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Essential Tips For First Time Buyers

Buying a property for the first time can be an overwhelming prospect, since there are so many things to take into consideration. Buying a place of your own should be an exciting event, but the stress associated with your purchase can make this a very difficult time indeed. […]

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Do I Need A Solicitor To Buy A House?

Buying a house is a huge and life-changing decision, and can bring financial security to you and your dependents. However, the potential problems that can arise from incorrect legal processes can be devastating, and it is vital to ensure that proper legal advice is taken throughout the purchasing process. Here at Irwin, Kilcullen & Co [...]

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Property Rental: How Much Wear And Tear Is Fair?

Most property rental contracts allow for reasonable wear and tear during the course of the tenancy, but who decides what is fair and when wear and tear becomes damage? A fair tenancy agreement will include an inventory, which details the state of repair of certain items such as carpets and white goods. A landlord should [...]

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