new houseBuying a house is a huge and life-changing decision, and can bring financial security to you and your dependents. However, the potential problems that can arise from incorrect legal processes can be devastating, and it is vital to ensure that proper legal advice is taken throughout the purchasing process.

Here at Irwin, Kilcullen & Co Solicitors, we understand property law and can help to ensure that your property purchase is carried out correctly. We can deal with the legal transfer of property and carry out all relevant searches and title checks. If you are purchasing a property with a mortgage, your lender will require you to use a solicitor to handle the legal aspects of the process.

What Does A Solicitor Do During A Property Purchase?

  1. Explain terminology. The process of purchasing a property can be very complex, and your Solicitor will help you to understand the process and explain the terminology that is used at every stage.
  2. Carry out searches. When buying a property, it is essential to establish that the property is free of problems such as compulsory purchase orders or environmental concerns. It is also important to find out if building work is planned in the area, and if the property is at risk of flooding. Our experience allows us to handle this aspect of your purchase, so you know that your property is safe and secure.
  3. Raise queries. There are many queries that can arise during the process of purchasing a property, from concerns about the utilities that serve the property to ensuring that there are no ongoing problems with neighbours. Your solicitor will ensure that the seller answers all relevant queries, so that your rights are protected, and will feed responses back to you for your consideration.
  4. Draw up contracts. Exchanging contracts establishes your right to purchase the property for an agreed price, and your solicitor will be responsible for drafting contracts that protect your rights. You will be required to sign these contracts prior to exchange, and the solicitor will usually hold them until all parties are ready to exchange. Your contracts will also specify when your purchase will be completed.
  5. Complete your purchase. Completion takes place when funds are transferred to the seller of your new property, and you receive the keys. Your solicitor will handle the payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax, and ensure that your purchase is correctly recorded with the Land Registry.

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