cyclist road traffic accident

Many people are aware of the law with regard to road traffic accidents between motorized vehicles, but when an accident involves a cyclist, this may be more complicated. If you are a cyclist, and you have been involved in an accident, you should be aware of the legal processes that you should follow in order to claim compensation for injuries or defend yourself against claims made against you.

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Protocol For Cyclists Involved In Road Traffic Accidents

1.    Exchange details. Take details of the name, address and contact number for other parties involved in your accident, and of any witnesses to the collision. You must also record the registration number of all vehicles involved in the collision, as well as make, model and colour for verification.

2.    Collect photographic evidence. Take photographs of the collision and the area where it occurred if you are able to do so, including the position of each vehicle and any signage that is visible in the location. If you were using a helmet camera, do not clear the film as this may provide useful evidence in your case.

3.    Contact the police. Police should attend all road traffic accidents in Ireland, and you should be given a reference number as well as details of the officer involved in your case. This may be necessary to follow up with your insurance company or compensation claim.

4.    Seek expert help. If you have been injured, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible, and keep records of your appointment and any diagnosis made. You should also contact a solicitor who specializes in personal injury cases, to make an appointment to discuss your situation. In most cases, compensation claims may be made for any physical or emotional trauma suffered, and this can include loss of earnings and recompense for ongoing problems.

5.    Stay calm. Anger and aggression can cause problems after a road traffic accident, and these can contribute to the already high levels of stress and frustration. Stay calm when dealing with an accidental collision, and do not allow yourself to argue with another party about who was at fault.

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